Root into what matters to make space for more possibilities

Imagine work environments where the well being of workers always comes first. Where we live out the values of the future we dream about today. Where work is not an act that drains us - rather, meets our basic needs and leaves us with energy to invest ourselves more deeply in the relationships, interests, and communities that matter to us most.

About Serena

Hi, I'm Serena (she/her). I am a connector, facilitator, and creative strategist. My focus is on helping individuals and groups transform themselves and their relationships through the spaces and containers created to hold work.The oldest of three children, facilitation is in my bones. From organizing my 7th grade class’ talent show performance, to starting a discussion group in college, to launching a coworking office in my early 20’s, I have always felt called to initiate in ways that bring people together. I am shaped by the rolling hills and lush forests of rural Pennsylvania, where I learned the art of gathering from elder mentors, peer experimentation, and organizing community art projects.Over the past decade, I have consulted hundreds of employees and organizations on how to work better together. While I have witnessed tremendous transformation, joy, and respect, I have also seen many people harmed, depleted, and stressed out by their workplaces, or by running a business.I do this work because I don't think people should be miserable at work, let alone be harmed by an environment where we spend so much of our time and emotional energy. I like to dream about what would be possible if businesses and workplaces weren’t extractive, and actually provided us with the capacity to invest in our relationships, in our interests and passions, and in the collective care of our communities. If this sounds like a future you would like to build, I look forward to dreaming and scheming with you.When not consulting, you can find me organizing with Southerners on New Ground Richmond (SONG), playing pickup with @rvaqueersoccer, going to jazz shows, sharing poetry at open mics, or hosting a potluck. My favorite words are vision, murmuration, and intention (you will probably hear me say them often, don’t say I didn’t warn you). I live in Richmond, VA with my plants.

My Values & Guiding Principles

Vision | A different world is possible

What is the world you want to live into? Your vision of your future provides a pathway for how to show up today. Let’s make space to imagine new possibilities, question the status quo, and create your own roadmap.

Adaptation | Change is the only constant

My style is flexible and iterative, with a focus on following what’s alive and what needs are present. Let’s throw an agenda out the window if it’s not what is needed.

Integrity | Live the word

I commit to showing up in alignment with my values, sticking to my word, communicating when things change, and practicing transparency by letting you know when I don’t know.

Intuition | Follow what’s warm

Your emotion and energy are important guides and valuable data points in any decision making process. Intuition is a powerful force to be reckoned with and I will treat yours with respect and regard. You are whole, resourceful, and ultimately know what’s best for you - I am here to help remind you.

Justice | Power is everywhere

Regardless of the context of your business, there are power dynamics at play because of the larger systems of oppression our businesses operate within. You can expect me to put race, gender, sexual orientation, class, and ability on the table and center how these factors intersect to inform who benefits, who is burdened, and who has access to resources.